Monday, May 21, 2018

Sneak Peek: A Roomy, Contemporary Master Bathroom by Fiorito Interior Design

I realized I often post my finished projects but don't share the process. Sometimes clients come to me whose only exposure to interior design has unfortunately been through home improvement television channels like HGTV which feature shows making design seem quick and simple, shows that remodel a room in a few days, shows that give a false impression of speed and economy (I don't think any of my clients have ever wanted me to design "on a dime" a space as crucial as a kitchen or bathroom where quality and longevity are of utmost importance).

In reality, design is a process that takes--or should take--time and deliberation. I love working with clients and collaborating on a space that makes them feel comfortable and me feel proud to have created something unique. It is always very fulfilling for us--all of my clients--to have conjured up something wonderful out of nothing.

With that in mind, here is a sneak peek of a master bathroom I have been working on for quite a while. After doing this client's guest bathroom and seeing how a refreshed and energized space can make a difference in how one feels about one's home, he decided to embark on the process for his master bathroom. This is a truly large bathroom that includes a shower and separate bath tub. The vanity comes in at nearly 11' long! And a separate water closet makes the space feel incredibly roomy.

The layout was clearly not an issue so we decided to replace all the dated elements that were installed in the 1980s when the home was built. We are replacing the extra-long vanity since the old one was too low at 28" (a common issue with older bathrooms) and had an antiquated seated-vanity spot. Another oddity was how the sinks were shoved into the corners...perhaps so they could be centered under those dreadful fluorescent-lit overhead soffits (which are also being removed)?

The new vanity configuration will not only look better but will function better for ease of use and storage.

My client liked his full-wall mirror so my original concept involved framing it and mounting vertical sconces on the mirror itself.

Instead, in collaboration, we are mounting these long, slim sconces above the mirror itself.

The entire shower and tub wall are being clad in a gorgeous marble-look porcelain tile that comes in a mammoth 3' x 3' format.

And the floor will be covered in a textural grey tile based on Zebrano stone, and laid in an engaging herringbone pattern. The striations in this porcelain tile will make the floor a point of interest.

For sink, shower, and tub hardware, I am using Brizo's wonderfully sleek Odin collection.

The old built-in tub is being removed to make way for a larger walk-in shower and a free-standing tub with a modern but sinuous form from MTI.

Finally, I wanted some kind of impressive statement pendant light to preside over the entire space since the volume is there with a cathedral ceiling that peaks at 12'! I had shown some choices to my client but nothing seemed to hit the spot. But then while on vacation in Italy, he texted me a photo of a light fixture from a restaurant in Florence. I loved the vibe and I was able to find something that matched it. This modern mobile-like chandelier can be fitted with either Edison or globe lamps.

All the components are waiting in the garage for the contractor! I am eager to share it with you once it is done and photographed. Stay tuned!

Happy designing!

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