Monday, January 5, 2015

New and Bright

Welcome to 2015, a new year, and in the spirit of "new," let's look at a marvelous lighting project completed by French artist and designer Mathieu Lehanneur, who has created objects, furniture, installations, products, and retail stores.

For his project entitled "Les Cordes," the idea of a chandelier or ceiling light is stripped down into something new: entirely minimalistic, functional, and futuristic, but still breathtakingly lovely. The organic-looking cords of LED lights seem to drip from and return to the ceiling plane on their own. And I just love the contrast between this spartan, futuristic sensibility and the Beaux-Arts style of the building, Château Borely, in Marseille. Remember Design Mantra #1: Contrast brings interest!

This amazing concept can certainly be adapted to fit into a residential interior design scheme, on a ceiling... or maybe even on a wall! If you are dreaming of something new and different for your home, give me a call! Let's create something new together.
Happy designing!

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