Monday, June 4, 2018

The ATMOS LED Skylight by Innerscene

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan Clark, CEO of Innerscene, Inc. who makes a revolutionary product called ATMOS. In the Innerscene Mobile Showroom, I was able to see firsthand, their jaw-dropping ATMOS skylight.

ATMOS recreates the appearance of a natural sun and sky in any environment day or night. Vivid beams of light are cast into the room from an ultra-bright distant 3D sun which appears to move in parallel with the viewer. A bright distant sun can be seen when looking towards the sky. When one or two dimension arrays of ATMOS are installed each person in the room will always only see one sun. Just like real windows, the sun’s position in the sky is determined by your viewing angle rather than your position.

Even though this is an LED array, I was blown away by being able to see an actual orb, like the sun itself.

From sunrise to sunset, ATMOS changes the colors and intensities of the artificial sky throughout the day to replicate the effects natural light has on our circadian rhythm.

What was particularly delightful was that the same orb I saw as the sun became a full moon during the night phase of the program! Once my eyes became dark-adapted, I could see the soft silver-y glow of moonlight on the floor and look up and see a round white moon.

I can see a host of wonderful uses for this product, especially in areas of commercial or residential spaces where a skylight is impractical or simply impossible, like a basement or interior space that has no outlet to an exterior surface. To have the similar lux and color temperature as the sun and being able to feel like you are connected to the outside, natural world even though you might not be seems to me to be miraculous. What an incredible product. For more information, visit the Innerscene site and read about ATMOS.

Happy designing!

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