Monday, June 12, 2017

Element Reflections Recessed LED Lighting by Tech Lighting

Over the years, I've heard a smattering of clients express their dislike for the common recessed ceiling light, claiming that it makes a ceiling look like Swiss cheese. But what if the recessed light was more than just a housing for the bulb? What if it was an actual decorative element in and of itself?

To this end, the modern lighting company Tech Lighting has created a new kind of recessed light. Called Element Reflections, the concept is an LED ring light which bounces light up into a decorative reflector dome to cast diffused illumination down onto a space.

The inner reflective dome comes in five different styles.

Bloom reflector dome
Dune reflector dome
Fleur reflector dome
Skye reflector dome
Torus reflector dome

The apertures are available in three different sizes, 5", 8" and 12". And each light can be further customized by coming with a flange (or trim kit as it sometimes called) or without a flange to be plastered into the ceiling plane.

Here are some images of the Bloom reflector in situ...

...and here is the more modern Dune dome.

The Fleur dome is possibly the most decorative of all and could enhance traditional decors...

This seems to be an elegant solution to the "Swiss cheese ceiling" effect!

Happy designing!

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