Monday, June 19, 2017

Napoleon's Luxuria Line

Fireplace manufacturer Napoleon has announced a breakthrough product: their new Luxuria Linear line features a gar insert fireplace that does not need a heat screen! This is great news for us here in California where state law prohibits the sale or installation of a gas fireplace without a heat screen in front of the glass window. Too many unsuspecting children and pets had been burned by touching the glass window of gas fireplaces. But Napoleon has created something they call the Dynamic Heat Control and Glass Guard Systems which redirects hot air away from the window, making it cool to the touch and safe for little ones and furry members of the family. I can't wait to learn more about this brand new product and specify it for a client. The line even took first place in the Gas Fireplace division at the Vesta Awards, an award created by Hearth & Home Magazine in order to honor industry leaders in design and technology.

Thinking of adding a fireplace to a chilly living room or dining room--or bathroom (go ahead, live luxuriously!)? Give me a call.
Happy designing!

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