Monday, September 14, 2015

Warhol Wallpaper by Flavor Paper

In my ongoing series of posts about wallpapers, I am trying to show that wallpaper now means something very different from your grandmother's wallpaper. Often when I suggest wallpaper to a client, I see a look of fear and revulsion as they cite a horrible wallpaper they recall from their childhood that was invariably located in their grandmother's kitchen (a repeating pattern of a small coffee grinder with a bouquet of country flowers in oranges and greens) or their mother's bathroom (a garish foil print of bamboo and birds).

The current world of wallcoverings offers an incredible array of amazing patterns, colors, and textures to please anyone and fit with any style. With that in mind, Flavor Paper (previously here) makes a series of wallpapers based on the silkscreen prints Andy Warhol created throughout his career. Warhol of course is recognized as one of the founders of modern and pop art, and I just know Andy would have loved these wallcoverings. In fact, Flavor Paper has created these in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Let's look at wallpapers inspired by Warhol's silkscreens of celebrities and public figures, starting with one of his most iconic muses, Marilyn Monroe. Here, the classic Warhol Marilyn comes in four colorways, starting with sandshell on matte gold mylar...

...and it also comes in carbon, white, and chrome, seen below.

As equally iconic is Elvis Presley, gathered here and called "Elvi," which, one assumes, is the plural of Elvis. It too comes in four colorways, starting with white on thunder gray clay coated paper...

...and here it is in fire red, graphite, and blue suede (naturally!).

Mix and match colorways to create patterns! Elvis in the form of the flag is cool, kitschy, edgy, and fun.

As part of his Reigning Queens series from 1985, Warhol created prints of HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Flavor Paper presents them in four colorways, starting with teal...

...and also available in deep purple, ruby, and neon grey.

As you can see, wallpaper can be fun, unexpected, and even a bit outrageous. If you would like to create a hip, eclectic room for your own home, give me a call!

Happy designing!

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