Monday, September 7, 2015

Tibetan Tiger Rugs

Years ago, I worked for a store that sold hand loomed Tiger Rugs from Tibet. I bought them directly from the importer who would go to Tibet and although I told myself to grab one for myself while I could, I never did and now I regret it. These gorgeous hand knotted rugs are associated with ancient adherents of Tibetan Buddhism who meditated on tiger pelts. It is believed that meditating on a tiger rug will protect the meditator from negative influences (both seen and unseen), thus enhancing the power of one's meditation practice.

The best kind are the cut out rugs, in the shape of an actual pelt. But there are rectangular tiger rugs where the body of the tiger is within the ground of the rug itself.

A tiger rug on the loom in Nepal. Photo by Dieter Wanczura at Artelino. Click photo for details.

Using these rugs in an interior application can lend an eclectic, worldly sense to any room. Here we see a cut out Tibetan tiger rug in the entryway of the former home of interior designer Frank de Biasi and his partner, designer Gene Meyer.

Tibetan tiger rugs don't necessarily have to be used on the floor. They can be draped over chairs or sofas, or used as wall hangings!

Happy designing!

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