Monday, November 26, 2018

How To Conquer Blind Kitchen Corners

For years, kitchen design has bemoaned blind corners in kitchens. I am sure we are all familiar with getting down on our hands and knees and reaching into the dark recesses of a far corner in a completely impractical lower kitchen cabinet. What does one store back there? Certainly nothing used daily. Such areas often turn into junk yards, full of things you forgot you even owned.

But there are now some wonderful, practical products to increase precious, usable space in a kitchen.

The easiest way to open up those corners is to make sure there is total access. Normally, the space you see below would be two separate units but here they are open to each other and the door configuration helps to be able reach in and get what one wants. The challenge remains though to drag out items from the back, so it is still a reach.

Another solution for corners is to use the corner on an angle. This is an improvement but there is still a bit of wasted space on the sides as the storage space is on a diagonal.

The corner lazy susan was popular for a while but as you can see by the round shape of the storage racks, there is unused space all around the circle.

Omega National Products married the full-extension drawer/diagonal storage idea with the lazy susan and came up with this compromise:

A very popular product for these hard-to-reach corners is something called a Le Mans. While the storage decks themselves might vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the basic idea is the same: a pull out is cleverly shaped to allow the deck to be pulled out and then angled to the side.

If you're tired of reaching back into a blind corner of your kitchen cabinets and are looking for storage solutions, give me a call. I'd love to help.

Happy designing!

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