Monday, March 19, 2018

The Slimfocus Suspended by Focus Fireplace

Since it is still fireplace weather (at least here in chilly Northern California!), I will share with you a new product. Focus Fireplaces, the French manufacturer of the iconic Gyrofocus fireplace developed by Dominique Imbert in 1968, has announced a new design in their already impressive line-up of modern and sculptural fireplaces. The Slimfocus Suspended is a pivoting, wood-burning, steel tube which draws in air for combustion through the smoke evacuation flue and has an 82 percent efficiency rating.

“The Slimfocus, the latest creation from Dominique Imbert’s design studio, is the sleek result of a quest for aesthetic fluidity, minimum volume and excellent heat performance,” the company says.

The unit hangs from the ceiling with a made-to-measure flue and other adaptation parts. Available colors are matt black (standard) or anthracite grey (optional).

The Focus website says, "Focus remains where it began life, in the village of Viols-le-Fort in the south of France, in the stone house renovated by Dominique Imbert. This is where he created the very first Antéfocus, and today it is the company’s head office. It is also the workshop (L’Atelier Dominique Imbert) where Focus models are conceived and designed.
It is from this medieval hamlet in the midst of the Mediterranean garrigue that Focus exports its fireplaces all over the planet."

Happy designing!

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