Monday, April 10, 2017

The Bunny Wall

I must confess I have a thing for rabbits and this time of the year makes me giddy. I always say if you want to see a grown man turn into a five year old boy, just show me bunnies. Or better yet, let me hold and pet one.

Or we can put them on the walls. And artist Hunt Slonem, internationally renowned for his colorful and expressionistic images of tropical plants and animals, has done just that with his charming new wallpaper and fabric line for Groundworks/Lee Jofa (Kravet). Based on his famous salon-style bunny walls in his own studio (which feature scores of small paintings of rabbits, some hung while still wet) seen here:

...Groundworks' Bunny Wall is a trompe l’oeil wallpaper created from a digital image of one of Slonem's many Bunny Walls in his studio and is available in a background of ivory, black, blue, or red.

And even cuter and more uniform is his Hutch pattern, featuring a sea of his frolicking bunnies, available in several different colorways.

Happy designing!

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