Monday, July 13, 2020

Flexible Trim

I just discovered a great product for exterior and interior window and door trim that is bendable and flexible! Flex-Trim, based in North Carolina for the east coast and Utah for us folks here in the west coast, makes an exciting product that saves money and time.

Their Flex Trim™ is made from a unique polymer resin blend, easily allowing the product to follow a curve or radius.

Their premium product ZzzzFLEX™ is made from an elastomer composite which is extremely strong, durable, and stainable.

Ultra-Flex is a syntactic polyurethane compound with a cellular composition structure similar to wood. One of the main advantages of this material is that it 40-50% lighter than other flexible moulding formulations, yet retains the necessary strength and durability. It comes PRE-PRIMED for superior painting and staining and is “back sanded” for better glue adhesion.

I'm inspired to put curves and arches everywhere now!

Happy designing!

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