Monday, July 31, 2017

L.A. in L.A.: Lindsey Adelman in Los Angeles

Lighting design pioneer Lindsey Adelman opened her first studio in New York Cityin 2006 and quickly became a go-to source for unique, stunning fixtures. And now Adelman just opened up a West Coast outpost, the only other showroom aside from her original in Manhattan. She employs a team of craftsmen and artisans to create each piece by hand, and yes, the glass is blown right in Brooklyn.

Her Branching globe light is an oft-imitated classic, available in different numbers of globes and colorways. It always reminds me of atomic chains...

The Agnes light riffs on the atomic chain design but with rods instead of globes. I love this silhouette for an organically shaped fixture, branching off randomly.

The Burst fixture combines the globes of the classic Branching fixture with beautiful blown glass shards.

The Clamp light is quite unique in the world of light fixtures. It shows in a custom installation for Uber's offices in San Francisco.

The Knotty fixture is a work of art combing knotted rope with spheres of different sizes and colors.

But it's her Fringed Cherry Bomb fixture that has me swooning--I love the addition of chain mail mesh that acts like glittery sparkles of a cherry bomb.

I recently mentioned Adelman on this blog several posts back when I visited the San Francisco Decortaor Showcase and saw the work of Ian Stallings, here. He used a Branching fixture to nice effect for the bedroom of a thirteen year-old boy. Lucky him!

Happy designing!

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