Monday, November 14, 2016

Question of the Day: Single Hole or Widespread?

Chicken or beef? Heels or flats? Coffee or tea? New or vintage? Sweet or savory? Life can be full of so many choices and so can a remodel!

I've been doing almost exclusively bathroom remodels for the past several months (sometimes it just works out that way) and one of the things that surprises clients when we go to make decisions about bathroom hardware is what I call The Faucet Dilemma. I will show clients faucets that are traditional widespread faucets and then single hole faucets, and invariably they respond, ,"Gee, I've never noticed that before. Which one should I get?"

While there is no right answer to that question, there are a few things to keep in mind when making this decision.

A traditional widespread consists of three pieces: the center faucet and hot and cold handles on the sides. It is called a "widespread" because the handles can be positioned away from the faucet, traditionally 8" on center. Some models claim that distance can be up to 12" or even 22" if you have a lot of counter space! If you get a true widespread and not a mini-spread (which is a much smaller 4" on center), cleaning the area around the faucet is easy. Here are some photos of spaces I have designed with traditional widespread faucets.

You too may have never given much thought to a widespread or a single hole faucet. The following photos illustrating bathrooms I have designed with single hole faucets represent clients who want a look that is more streamlined in terms of how many pieces of hardware is on the counter. Another advantage is that cleaning is much easier when you only have one stem around which to wipe. And it only takes a single hand to turn on the water and balance the hot and cold. These are all things to think about when considering ease and function!

If you are considering a bathroom remodel but are overwhelmed with options, give me a call. I can help.
Happy designing!


FrozenMusic said...

I love your work! Have always wanted a tub/shower some distance away from the toilet, just like the one you designed. These bathrooms had great color schemes and I enjoyed looking at every photo several times.

Jeff Fiorito, Allied ASID said...

Hi FrosenMusic,

Thanks for being a regular, loyal reader and for the kind words, I appreciate it!