Monday, September 26, 2016

Chandeliers Make The Dining Room

From the ground up, a chandelier is the last element in a dining room and for that reason acts as a crown or topper for the design below. A lighting fixture can be complimentary or contrasting in style, but the most successful fixtures are in scale with the table below and the room around it. But no matter what the style or scale, it is best to generally hang a fixture so there is roughly 36" between the bottom of the fixture and the table top. Take a look at some of these special pieces topping off a dining room with flair...

This Murano glass chandelier in a dining room by Katie Ridder references a traditional, ornate chandelier but the sleek white and red glass offer up a modern interpretation that feels at home with the lacquered blue walls.

San Francisco designer Jay Jeffers added a zingy orange accent to this highly dramatic dining room with this chandelier that feels traditional but features a sleek, clean-lined sensibility.

This beautiful turquoise chandelier by Marjorie Skouras lends a bohemian flair to this Proven├žal flavored space.

The contrast between this marvelous 70s brass fixture and the Craftsman bones of the house make for a fantastic, engaging tension in this dining room by Taylor Jacobson

The current "It" lighting designer has to be Lindsey Adelman. This extraordinary lighting designer creates mouth-blown glass covers for structures made form bronze, steel, brass, and sometimes hemp rope! In the fascinating library-dining room designed by Studio Ilse below, an Adelman light fixture becomes a work of art in itself.

Jean De Merry created his sea urchin-like Lumiere lighting fixture in 2001 and here it is in a gloriously textured, tone-on-tone dining room by Los Angeles-based Jeff Andrews.

And who says there can only be one fixture over a table? The following examples show that the old adage less is more is not always true. Sometimes more is more!

I hope this inspires you to put something wonderful in your dining room.
Happy designing!

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