Monday, May 2, 2016

Vivienne Westwood Squiggle Wallpaper

There always was, is now--and I'm certain always will be--a huge link between the worlds of fashion and interiors. One of my all-time favorite fashion designers is the amazing, incomparable Dame Vivienne Westwood. If you don't know her work, I suggest you take a Google trip and ogle her phenomenal creations. And one of the things you will find when you research her and her work is a pattern she created for her 1981 Pirates Collection that shows up time and again on shoes, bags, shirts, and now on wallpaper!

Her classic Squiggle pattern is a sinuous yet orderly progression of a jagged rope coiling back and forth...and venerable wallcovering manufacturer Cole & Son makes, in conjunction with Westwood herself, a Squiggle wallpaper which comes in many different colorways. Available through Lee Jofa/Kravet.

In this sitting room below, not only are the walls clad in the Westwood Squiggle but the furniture is graced with the Squiggle as well! Photo by Paul Costello.

Gen and Ben Sohr of the design firm Pencil and Paper used the Westwood Squiggle wallcovering in the entry of their Nashville home.

And here is an outfit from Dame Westwood's original Pirates Collection featuring a yellow and orange squiggle shirt with matching tasseled waist sash.

I had wanted a pair of Westwood signature Squiggle Pirate boots since I first saw them in 1981...and finally in 2008, I made a pilgrimage to World's End, her original boutique in Chelsea, to take home a coveted pair (it's not an impulse buy if one has wanted something for over 30 years!). And here they are:

Dame Westwood, still fashionable at 74...

Dame Vivienne Westwood, DBE

If you are a fashionista who would love a bit of Westwood in your home, please contact me! I would so love to spread the Squiggle!
To learn more about Westwood, click here and visit her fashion website here.

Happy designing!

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