Monday, January 18, 2016

The Essential Drink Table

A side table, an accent table, an occasional table, a drink table...this little workhorse is known by many names. But whatever it is called, it serves not only an aesthetic purpose but a practical one as well. They're often found in spaces where a full sized end table would be too much.

Such a smaller drink table can balance a seating area. It can be that exact, perfect little thing needed in a blank corner by a chair. And it can be a useful place to set down a drink, a cup of tea, a book...

Look at the little black drink table next to the golden chair in the home of Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. Unobtrusive, yet it fills in a space, adding some visual interest while being useful.

And here are a pair of silver beauties--one is next to the Eames La Chaise lounge chair at rear left, and between the two chairs in the left foreground.

This purple ceramic table is a nice shape and illustrates how such a small addition to a room can bring another layer of color and texture. The sheen looks nice against the matte and organic materials in the space which offers a nice design counterpoint.

Spot the drink tables in the photo below.

A bit of shine brings life and glamour to a room.

Furniture designer Katy Skelton's One Drink Table is a perfect example of the versatility of a side or drink table. Her table has a 7" top, perfect for a single drink and glasses, or for a vase of blossoms to liven up a corner.

This is the stunning Roen side table by designer Craig Van Den Brulle. It is available in a high-polish bronze or high-polish aluminum.

Interlude makes this sweet little Argo drink table with a petrified wood top on a polished steel base. Because of the nature of the natural material, each one is fascinatingly different.

Tom Filicia designed the handsome Solvay table of balanced circles for Vanguard. It's available in a variety of finishes.

And this gorgeous specimen of marble and iron is the Celeste accent table from Arteriors. It looks like it could be right at home at the historic Glass House designed by architect Philip Johnson!

Now that I've drawn your attention to the ubiquitous drink table, you will probably see them popping up everywhere!
Happy designing!

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