Monday, December 7, 2015

The Non-Traditional Holiday Tree

Don't want to bring a dead (or living) tree into your house? Hate plastic fake trees? Try one of these superbly outside-of-the-box holiday trees! Like this minimalist tree below--so minimal that the tree part isn't even there, just a mechanism for hanging glass ornaments!

A cascade of Asian lanterns in green makes a stunning display!

A coiled felt helix and an Arne Jacobsen egg chair say "modern cool."

If you are spending the holidays at a cabin, this antler tree would be spectacular. But please note that the candle bulbs are wired through the antlers which means they are likely made of life-like resin, not actual antlers. For the record, I approve of naturally-shed antlers only.

Off-cuts of tree branches can be upcycled into a tree which can be used year after year!

A fluorescent tree by avant-garde British fashion designer Gareth Pugh.

An unexpectedly beautiful bonsai holiday tree...delicate and spellbinding. Of course the things that truly make this tree so successful are the tiny Japanese lantern ornaments, the finches lining each branch, and, brilliantly, the flocking.

A plethora of Brooks Brothers neck ties make a geometric pattern in silk!

And another minimalist tree: wall-mounted branches and white lights still capture the holiday spirit.

With a little bit of imagination, nearly anything can be coaxed into the service of a holiday tree.
Happy designing and Happy Holidays!

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FrozenMusic said...

OH, Jeff,
The Christmas trees were lovely. I can see myself doing something like this for next year. Thank you for inspiring ideas, beautiful concepts.

R.Clark, a follower for several years