Monday, October 12, 2015

Extraordinary Mirrors by Tom Palmer

These exquisite mirrors are not only decorative interior accessories but sublime works of art in their own right. Tom Palmer, located in England, uses glass, resin, and hand-silvered mirror set in steel, brass, or wood to fashion his stunning wall creations.

His double Aqua Alta Mirror uses layered glass and poured translucent resin, with hand water-silvered mirroring, framed in a worked and polished black gesso frame to evoke a drowned world.

For Ghost Mirror, a slice of silvered cloud is caught between a sheet of low-iron glass and a slab of thick clear perspex, with frosted edges that diffuse the light though the piece. Held with dark patinated brass clasps, and float mounted from the wall, the otherworldly piece suggests another shadow world behind the mirror.

The Iris Mirror behaves rather like a fun house mirror: a convex glass is filled with translucent tinted resin, layered over a hand silvered panel, set within a hand-carved and gessoed frame. This creates a unique optical effect, magnifying and distorting the relocation though the colored lens.

And Palmer invokes the wonder and mystery of the night sky with his Nebula Mirror. Water-silvered glass, layered with tinted resin is set within a hand carved wood and polished gesso frame.

For more information about his work, please visit his website here. He takes commissions and I would love to create some bespoke pieces for a client--his work has sparked some fun ideas I'd love to see brought to life. If you're interested, contact me and we can make a truly stunning, one-of-a-kind piece for your home!

Happy designing!

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