Monday, April 6, 2015

Know Your Chairs: The Savanarola Chair

It is not clear how this chair, around since Greek and Roman times via the Egyptians, came to be associated--and named after--the crazy Christian zealot from Renaissance Florence, Friar Girolamo Savonarola, but there we have it nonetheless. This X-framed chair, along with its counterpart the Dante chair, is a slatted folding chair. Easily transported because of its ability to become smaller and flat, it was a sign of power and influence in Medieval Italy. Nowadays, the Savanarola chair evokes a sense of Mediterranean history, and can look good in a California Colonial Spanish interior or even a Gothic styled space.

Below we see a Savanarola chair as an appropriate accent in a Gothic/Spanish Baroque/Modern dining room by Commune.

A Savanarola chair can also act as a sculptural piece, or as a type of "museum artifact" by being placed in an unexpected spot or within a contrasting scheme (see Design Mantra #1, right..."Contrast brings interest!"). This Savanarola chair looks amazing next to this ethnic-covered Eames lounge chair, also by Commune.

In a more minimalist setting, the chair takes on a special life of its own. The black example below is wonderfully graphic--and nearly modern--against the white wall.

Happy designing!

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