Monday, November 17, 2014

Bring Autumn To The Table

When decorating with a season in mind, it is easiest to mimic what the season is doing. See my "Four Easy Steps For Autumn Décor" post from last year here. But if you want something fast and elegant for your Thanksgiving Day table or mantel, try one of the following ideas.

Fiery autumn leaves still attached to their branches look great when gathered together in a bouquet. The wilder the arrangement looks, the better...

Of course pumpkins and gourds ripen for fall and can be included in the natural bounty of the season. The upside down galvanized steel buckets below, available at garden supply stores, are a great way to elevate pumpkins for a varied display. Or line up a group of orange beauties on a mantel for a simple but effective tableau.

Another great use for pumpkins and gourds is to hollow them out and use them as vases for autumnal colored flowers.

Many varieties of pumpkins and gourds come in unexpected colors like white, soft green-blues, or dark forest greens. Use these to coordinate with a white or natural colored table setting for a more sophisticated look.

Happy Autumn and happy designing!

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