Monday, June 13, 2016

Urban Fabric Rugs Go Around The World!

I'm always on the look out for that special product or accessory that will turn a room into a work of art. And I recently discovered a rug company with a very special product!

Urban Fabric Rugs make cut pile rugs with relief plan views of major world cities! Urban Fabric Rugs say that their products can come in any color and they will create rugs in custom dimensions. I'm itching to put one in a living room or sitting room for a client.

Here we see a view of Dublin in a gorgeous watery blue with the River Liffey cutting through it...

...or perhaps you fancy a saturated fuchsia map of London on your wall?

The geometry of Paris is cooly subtle in a neutral tone...

...while Shanghai practically vibrates off the floor in red!

A recent addition to the city roster is an ancient one...The Forbidden City in Beijing.

They also make a map of Manhattan which, due to the elongated nature of the island itself, would make a fantastic runner in a hallway.

There's also a great view of Los Angeles.

And if you don't see the city of your choice or can't choose, they make a marvelous, conversation piece rug of the time zones of the globe!

Happy designing!

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