Monday, August 25, 2014

Sizzling Ceilings

In interior design, ceilings are an oft-overlooked element. But all it takes is a tiny bit of imagination to come up with a show-stopping ceiling treatment. I have a client now who has an uplit tray ceiling that is just begging to be gold leafed!

This amazing ceiling below was designed by Verner Panton (stay tuned for a post about the iconic molded plastic chair he designed, seen at the dining table below) for a private residence in Binningen, Switzerland.

This stunning ceiling treatment utilizes what appears to be a mandala type of ethnic design that feels Indian, despite the Portuguese bed. It's just gorgeous...

I am not at all a fan of cutsie-wootsie nurseries, and especially gender-specific nurseries. But this bee motif for a baby's room is clever, whimsical, and charming without being clichéd or imposing gender stereotypes on a human soul that is unformed and full of possibility.

Coffered ceilings offer the perfect canvas for stencils or wallpaper since each compartment can contain a smaller design.

New York artist David Wiseman created this breathtaking three dimensional ceiling treatment of a cherry blossom canopy.

A ceiling of flames on a gilded ground in another Indian/Moorish room...

This vaulted ceiling is made all the more special with the addition of gold leaf squares.

Interior designer Elizabeth Gordon created a simple yet supremely luxurious ceiling feature for the home of comedian and television personality Joel McHale: some beautiful, exotic wallpaper on the ceiling framed with decorative moulding, but the real attraction is the marvelously unexpected starburst mirror reigning over the cool, sophisticated space. Photo used by permission.

This fascinating design around this ceiling light fixture is reminiscent of Secessionist design from the early twentieth century (think Gustav Klimt).

Even something as simple as painting a bold color in coffered areas of a ceiling brings fun and interest!

Don't forget your ceiling and...

...Happy designing!

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